Michael Pepa, Founding Artistic Director
Joseph Macerollo, O.C., Artistic Advisor
Erika Crinó, Artistic Advisor
Lynn Kuo, Chef de l'ensemble Les AMIS

Les AMIS Ensemble can be described appropriately as les amis chamber players, a group of young musicians, who got together in the mid ‘80s for the purpose of performing traditional and contemporary music. From very few, the membership grew to become known as Ensemble 21, showcasing outstanding young musicians such as Marina Piccinini, Leslie Newman, Susan Hoeppner, Julian Milkis, Jamie Sommerville, and many others. Violinists Geoff Nuttall and Barry Shiffman, violist Leslie Robertson, and cellist Marina Hoover emerged as the St. Lawrence String Quartet at the end of the decade.

While these young artists grew in stature and moved on to successful careers, a younger generation took over. Outstanding artists, who constitute the core of les amis players, such as violinist Lynn Kuo, pianist Angela Park, pianist Marianna Humetska, pianist Erika Crinó, cellist Rachael Mercer, and mezzo-soprano Katarzyna Sadej carry on the tradition.

Violinist Joyce Lai, Artistic Director/Concertmaster of the Canadian Sinfonietta, and the entire membership of the chamber orchestra are on hand to participate in Les AMIS concerts as the repertoire requires.

As always, core members of Les AMIS create new programs with their musical friends and guests to present to domestic and international audiences. Past core members are ready to answer the call to participate in Les AMIS’ presentations.

Inaugural concerts, in their new home of Cobourg in 2017, heard violinists Scott St. John, Lynn Kuo, Joyce Lai, cellist Winona Zelenka, pianists Erika Crinó, Rachael Kerr, and Richard Herriott. 2017/18 concerts will introduce new artists, widening the circle of musical friends. Les AMIS foresees an exciting future of music-making.